Berat Winery & Tour

In Berat, one gets the unique opportunity of enjoying wine in some of the most historic and traditional locations of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the winemakers will share their stories and some of their trade secrets as you sip on a wonderful glass of Albanian wine. Many enologists confirm that the wonderful Berat wine owes much of its taste and quality to the region’s excellent vineyards and their great cultivation. Albania’s Mediterranean climate, especially wonderful in Berat, offers very favorable conditions for the health of the vines and their abundant growth in many varieties

What makes this activity unique?

The winery tour offers the ideal opportunity of tasting some of the best, 100% authentic Albanian wine while surrounded by the most beautiful scenery around. This winery specializes in both red and white varieties, producing five distinct wines. The winery is a leader in domestic winemaking processes and technologies and famous for the consistent high quality of their product.

What's included:

Air-conditioned vehicle
All Fees and Taxes
Wine Tasting – 5 wines+ Raki
Transport from Berat to wineries and Opposite.
Duration 2.5 hours